Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Using Disposable mail boxes like Guerrilamail

I am a big fan of Avira Security Suite and the only flaw that you might find is not in their wide range of products but how they distribute its licences. Many companies such as PC World offer one to two months free, promotional license which can be acquired by giving your email address and some personal detail. These offers cannot be availed more than once from an email account. Obviously the first question that pops straight in our mind is what if we are somehow able to get unique email addresses once a month or so, then offers such as these can be used repeatedly.

All the email sites like gmail  require a lot of time for registration and remembering usernames and passwords is a very tedious job. What if there was a service which provided 'disposable mail boxes'? You must have realised where this post is heading towards.

Guerrilamail is a site which offers email address for an hour. After this time the account is deleted.It provides a couple of additional features like 'Forget Me' which instantly deletes the account or "give me another 1 hour' to extend the expiration time.

To create an account all you need to do is to enter the desired username and some space will be allocated for your emails. The process is quick,simple and there is no need to remember any password.

Services such as these were originally designed to prevent spam but have found newer, more innovative uses. You can give out this email address if you feel it will receive spam or the recipient is not trustworthy. There are other services which provide more features or more expiration time, for example mailinator or mailexpire. Links are provided at the bottom.

Personally, I have used guerrillamail's email service to get 3 months Avira promotional licence twice now, using different email ids. :D

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